Come Back To Me

I lay awake in bed

Wondering if you’re taken 

Or if you’re  mine

I wonder if I’m still the same 

As you knew me

I hate you

But I don’t want to disappoint you

People say I’ve become better

A happier, more respectable man

I want you to see how much I have changed

Since you left

I reminisce the times we spent together 

I try hard to forget you

But all it takes is a movie

Or a song

And you’re right back on my mind

My smiles are meaningless and hollow

My emotions shallow

Every inch of me craving for you

I spent a whole lot of time 

Trying to get rid of you

Life with you was hell

My love for you was dangerous

It was like swallowing cyanide

With a smile on my face

But I’m addicted to you

To your presence 

There’s nothing but loneliness now

Stranded on a lonely road on a cold rainy night

Come back to me

My dear Melancholia…


6 thoughts on “Come Back To Me

  1. Sometimes words have the capability to intensify your bipolar.
    The words made me shift from a moment of an infectious smile into one of deep contemplation.
    Extraordinarily beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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