Seething anger bursts inside

There’s a monstrous rage growling

Fantasising destruction 

There’s not much to do

And the constant nagging bugs me

Purposeless existence

A nihilistic sloth

It becomes a rebellion 

Rebel against what?

Why are you so angry they ask

So naively, it fuels my violent tendencies 

Fuming. Disastrous. Hatred.

My thoughts become a senseless word salad

A melting pot of rage

Emotionally crippled

I look for an escape

Hope I do, before I explode.


The Point Of View

He ran with all his might 

The sun was almost up 

And he hadn’t reached his well yet

All around he saw people

Jumping into their wells

A huge queue near the Christian well

A very big one near the Islamic well

Some people were jumping into the Democratic well

Some others were jumping into the Communist well

But he had to find his 

In this chaotic mess

Finally he did

Filled with delight

And a sense of achievement 

He jumped into his well just at about sunrise

He sunk deeper

And opened his eyes
This was his life now

Sinking deeper into the well with every breath

Never to meet people of other wells

Knowing only his waters

Oblivious to the vastness of the sky

Refusing to explore the Garden of Life

And staring only at the segment of sky

That his well opening permitted him to see

He sunk deeper

Straight From The Heart

It’s ridiculous how I function
I might be at my lowest
Feeling depressed as ever
And yet I watch a sad film
Listen to stories of agony
Fill myself with more melancholia
Empathise with others pain
And feel it with mingling with my own
I guess I’m a masochist
Suffering is a must
Why not enjoy it?
‘Expose yourself to uncomfortable zones and you’ll grow’ they say, my whole life has been an uncomfortable zone and I want to grow out of it
My mind is a glass box
Sometimes I worry it will shatter
And truth will pour out
Bloody and bruised by the shards of glass
They say people who feel lonely tend to notice ants a lot, ants always move in groups and you want to be part of one- I have hallucinated them
Darkness surrounds me
There is an emptiness inside
Yet I feel so full of demons
From the top of my lungs to the bottom of my heart I scream, at the chasm in between, and this path of misery
My mind is an abyss, cold, dark and empty
A flash of lighting, it is only my nihilism
Yet I expose myself to more pain
I guess it makes me feel more human
But I always hated them
My whole life I’ve never felt like I belong somewhere, I feel alienated in my own space. Never been anyone’s top priority, I remain just an honourable mention…