War With Words 

Words fail you sometimes 

When they can’t contain the feelings 

When you can’t put into words

What you envision in your mind

And instead ram your fist into a wall

Now the paper will taste your blood

When it flows down your knuckles

Your mind feels like it will explode

Words exorcised your demons

Every thought burns a scar on your soul

But leaves not a mark on paper

None of your ideas materialise

You’re breaking a cold sweat now

But the AC is on, its cool breeze 

Flows mockingly over your hot head

You thought words were your own 

But they failed you like a wife cheating on her husband 

You might yell but inspiration gives you a deaf ear

It sucks when words fail you

Because sometimes they’re all you have 


Sign Of The Times

The summer sun burns down my head
The afternoon light is reflected off the road
And burns me in my eyes
As I plod along
All I hear around me
Is a buzzing cacophony

Deafening honks, shrewd laughter
All around I can feel people’s eyes on me
Yet not a single one cares to smile
I walk as the heat burns my soul
Pounding me for even daring to walk this road
Forcing me to be one with this human cesspool of madness
One moment I want to scream till my lungs burst open exposing the gore
The next I just want to collapse and curl up and cry out till dehydration
The greatest achievement now is to remain sane
To be left believing in love when everyone around
Is a treacherous hatemonger

I take out a water bottle
Pour the cold water over my head
Feel the coolth trickling down my hair
Seeping into my heated scalp
I close my eyes and let go
Let go of all the negativity
It’s like a flame burning passively for a long time
Has been put out
It’s like running away from a concrete jungle
Entering the bosom of nature
Amid Palm trees and cool breeze
Tearing apart your clothes with a roar
And dipping into the ocean
Dissolving into it
Going comfortably numb
Far far away from this world
Of frustration and anger
I float in a paradise of bliss