The fear that grips us

Is terrifying, not just in magnitude 

But in its frequency as well

The cold, scaly hands of terror

Grips us for most our life

Like a chain that holds back a dog

Fear is like pouring icy water on your head

On a cold winter morning 

It leaves you shivering and helpless

The fear of authority silences us

Like a whip crashing on a dog

Cutting across its flesh 

Because it barks too loud 

The fear of isolation and ostracisation 

Of being called a freak and made fun of

Holds the rebel in us back

Forcefully pushing us into the majority 

The fear of failure 

Might help us excel in any field

But also stops us from exploring new ones

It is fear that acts as the driving force 

In our life, coupled with desire 

Almost all our decisions are based on them

But very often fear wins over desire

The fear of shattering a carefully built social image

And of incurring the wrath of majority

Might stop a person from marrying someone they love

Faith is sold with the fear of hell

We obey and do ‘good’ out of fear itself 

Fear accompanies us throughout our life

Like a shadow that you can’t get rid of

For where there is light, there will be one

We do not let the light enter us after all…


About me 

And who exactly am I?

I am the embarrassment you feel

When you wave at someone in public

And they just walk off ignoring you

I am the panic you feel

When you suffer the falling sensation

While sleeping

I am the fear in your mind

When you were alone in the dark

As a child and thought you heard strange noises

I am your every nightmare ever

And the feeling you wake up with 

After having one

I am the helplessness you feel

In the face of tragedy 

The regrets of your life

When you know you could have changed things

But nothing can be done now

I am the moments of anger

That erupt out of suppressed rebellion 

I am the knock on your door

When you’re in your room

Watching porn

I am your pain

Your anxiety and your insecurity

The itch on your back

That you can’t scratch

I am your lust

Animalistic yet repressed

I am your broken dream

I am immense

I am nothing

I am Girish