Sign Of The Times

The summer sun burns down my head
The afternoon light is reflected off the road
And burns me in my eyes
As I plod along
All I hear around me
Is a buzzing cacophony

Deafening honks, shrewd laughter
All around I can feel people’s eyes on me
Yet not a single one cares to smile
I walk as the heat burns my soul
Pounding me for even daring to walk this road
Forcing me to be one with this human cesspool of madness
One moment I want to scream till my lungs burst open exposing the gore
The next I just want to collapse and curl up and cry out till dehydration
The greatest achievement now is to remain sane
To be left believing in love when everyone around
Is a treacherous hatemonger

I take out a water bottle
Pour the cold water over my head
Feel the coolth trickling down my hair
Seeping into my heated scalp
I close my eyes and let go
Let go of all the negativity
It’s like a flame burning passively for a long time
Has been put out
It’s like running away from a concrete jungle
Entering the bosom of nature
Amid Palm trees and cool breeze
Tearing apart your clothes with a roar
And dipping into the ocean
Dissolving into it
Going comfortably numb
Far far away from this world
Of frustration and anger
I float in a paradise of bliss


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