A Perfect Circle 

Every thought of mine 

Begins and ends with you

It is a perfect circle 

It is like the chaos of my mind

Has come to a perfect standstill

Standing in perfect harmony

Playing out like an intricate symphony 

I seem to gravitate towards you

Every moment, every breath

Heavens will rain blood

When the full extent of my feelings is revealed 

Write your name with this rain 

And everything else will fade away 

You complete the void in me 

It is like a flash of lightning

On an overcast afternoon 

Because my darkness ends where you begin…


Thus Spake The Pale Emperor 

Love is not blind 

It is irresponsible 

Because Cupid is not an angel

With a bow and arrow

He is a drunken biker riding a chopper

With a machine gun in his hand 

Most of this Universe is Dark 

It is light that is absence of darkness 

Not the other way around 

Chaos and confusion are just mediums of communication 

There is beauty in death also

It’s silence and serenity cannot be surpassed 

Of all the things in this world, sin is the most sincere

And in con lies supreme confidence 


There’s a ghost that haunts me

When I’m alone

It’s there all the time 

But sometimes it makes its presence known

It whispers into my ears 

Insanely obnoxious things

It reminds of failure and embarrassment 

During the rare moments of courage

It wins over me every time

When I feel loved

By reminding me of failed relationships 

Of people who don’t like me anymore

It provokes me to be offensive

In the most inappropriate times

It makes me paranoid

Holding me back from trusting people

No matter how much I want to give in 

It reminds me of the scars

Beneath the layers of clothing

It tells me I’m not good enough

To be with other people

Standing over me with an evil grin across its face

While I sit curled up in the corner

It’s a strange presence I feel all around me

Letting me not be me

I scream in my dreams

As horrid bloody images flash in my mind

And I can imagine the ghost

Watching over me with a look of sadistic pleasure

It’s the Ghost of my past

I pray to you

My master,

I have suffered enough

Please let me go…