Going Places 

 It’s cold and I lie down on a bed 
A soft choir plays in the background 
I let loose my limbs
And feel myself sinking into the cushion
The music is played ever so softly
I can just hear the ghost of its melody
With my eyes closed
A pair of soft smooth palms 
Touches my chest
Goosebumps erupt all over
They spread lukewarm oil all over me
So softly, so sensuously
I open my eyes
I find myself on the terrace
Of a skyscraper 
So close to the sky
The heavens let down
A light shower
I close my eyes
It’s pleasantly cool
A slight breeze blows ever so slightly
I open my eyes again 
I am sitting near a lake
On a hot sunny day
I dip my feet into its cold waters
And feel the heat escape
It’s a relief like no other
I let my entire self go
Flowing away…

Life is good…sometimes.



Let’s sit down

Find us a comfortable seat

Get your favorite drink

Get a bag of your favorite chips

Wear the most comfortable clothes

And watch

Let’s watch the world fall apart

Brick by brick

Because the apocalypse 

Doesn’t have to be a physical catastrophe 

It can happen on a mental level too

A subconscious change 

On a global level

You can trigger it

With your words

Your paintings and your music 

 Let your thoughts flow

And watch the world crumble