On Positivity

Positivity is like the clothes we wear
A cover that hides the shame
Of our inner dirty self
And the colder it gets
The more we need it…


12 thoughts on “On Positivity

  1. Thank you! I’m an amateur in the field of fiction though. I’m an undergraduate student of literature. Your post attracted me when scrolling down the page here. It’s really brilliant.

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  2. There is not much difference between the two and often they are clubbed together ‘Be optimistic and keep a positive mindset’ stuff like that y’know.
    It’d seem that one comes from the other. The two do not seem mutually exclusive. However minute differences could be formed- positivity can be seen as a state of mind where you willingly accept challenges as a part of life and try and overcome them while optimism is when you tell yourself that everything will turn out for the better.

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