A Pale Palimpsest

Rejected by your past
And now you have moved
To a point distant
From where you left off
A once seemingly final
And absolute place
A crippled soul lying in rot
And a newer one shabbily superimposed
And your eyes reflecting
The play of this two layered world
Of distortion and romance
Of confusion and ambition
Of damage and beauty
Of death and destiny
Complementing and contradicting
A war between two selves
Neither is true
And you will never fathom
The complexity
Or the impending disaster
The relative motion of both 
Caught in an ebb and flow
Inculcating and appropriating
Snippets along the way
Of left over spirits
And discarded feelings
And hand-me-down love 
Under the mercy
Of a vision
Of tomorrow.

We, The Mechanical Animals

I’ve often come across the spiritualists and religious nitwits who tell me that we are born with some divine purpose. The fulfilment of this purpose is our destiny and Nirvana is attained upon the said fulfilment. Spiritual leaders often talk of the soul and how it strives to find some spiritual meaning in life through…Bah. You know what I think? This ‘We were born for a divine purpose’ belief is utter bullcrap. There is no soul that will exist after clinical death and there is no such thing as destiny.
We are organisms born and meant to die just like every other organism. Reproducing offspring and keeping the species alive is the only purpose we will ever serve. We too are members of the animal kingdom after all. The only difference between us and other organisms is that we are capable of far superior intellectual activities than any other organism. But along with this super developed brain of ours comes a gland situated right at its centre, the Pineal gland aka ‘the Third Eye’. This gland is responsible for spiritual thoughts and is linked with creativity as well. We as humans tend to attach too much importance to ourselves and in the process forget that we too are simple organisms just like all other organisms. We tend to attach spiritual meaning to our existence because otherwise it will seem too hollow, too mechanical. It is just another lie we tell ourselves to find some solace in this cold mundane world.
But look at an average persons life and you realise that life is far from spiritual, it’s meaning far from divine. It might seem like a very depressing thought but it is a sad truth that we have to gulp down.
Most of us spend a greater part of our lives training ourselves to get the most suitable and high paying job, go to work everyday from 9 to 5, are henpecked by higher authorities, take out all the frustration on our subordinates, have a ‘loving’ family, hope that our kids are doing well, retire, and then, well, die. That’s it. That’s your life. I don’t see any spiritual dimension whatsoever. You spent your entire life trying to fulfil a divine purpose but all you did was drown is self loathing, anger, frustration, fear, greed and a few moments of happiness in between, so much for spirituality eh?
I think things will be far less depressing if we accept the very simple truth that the only meaning our life is ever going to get is through what you do. If your day was well spent, it was meaningful, if not it was meaningless. The Pineal gland is also linked to creativity which isn’t surprising since most people relate God with creation. Art involves creativity. Art is God. Art is what gives your life the spiritual dimension it craves for. It gives us food for thought, changes our perception, effects us deeply and gives us the spiritual depth that our mind craves through its intricate symbolisms and often complex and layered works that open our minds to the little details and intricacies of the world around us. Art is the only medium through which the depiction of life of a simpleton can transcend all worldly meanings and bestow upon us a perspective of society or even the entire universe.
What you do is the only thing that gives life it’s true meaning, your aspirations form your purpose. Outside of that we are as queer as a clockwork orange.