Dirty, Dirty Rockstar

You saw him on your TV

A God that you had wanted

Lust that grows with peoples hatred

Every protest, and you feel insulted

He’s the man of your dreams

His words are more divine than your priests

His sound is the voice of your screams

And yet you think his style is grounded


He’s an angel with scabbed wings

A demon to save your world

He said he loves you like his little girl

And you felt the pain in his voice

He was the end of your misery, its dirty demise


Now you wear the same brand of lipstick

That he does, and the mascara he wears

His gothic black boots are your parents nightmares

He cuts himself on screen

With words too obscene

You waited in line for hours, you wanted to meet him

But he went too soon, didn’t get a chance to greet him

You were so frustrated you broke out at your parents

And spat at the guy from school who claimed you’re the dearest

That was the night you put his songs on loop

You slipped into a depressive cocoon

Of your lustful devotion

A bag of hallucinogenics and a mindful of twisted emotions



He’s an angel with scabbed wings

A demon to save your world

Watch as he lets his darkness unfurl

You wish he would be yours

Because he looks so sad and lonely

But little did you know that his story is phoney

You’d bathe in his sorrow

But all he did was piss on you

Because power always pisses on the weak


He’s a drug addict now and part of a scandal

He wasn’t too merciful with his groupies

And did things to them that you can’t fathom

But he’s the love of your life

And you stand by him even though he sold you lies

You thought he held your hand when you were alone

But heroes die too soon, and your models are decievers

You cut your arm for real but his blood onscreen was fake

His entire facade was built to target your emotions


Now you plead for the Angel

The demon you left your love and family for

You thought he was true, but he left wounds so raw

Your insecurity is his market

It’s not the sadness but the drugs that made his face rugged

You thought he would be yours

But as always, you’ve been cheated again and left alone…




It’s a challenge for me to keep walking

Because all along the way I feel their eyes

And see them on their arcane thrones

Every step of mine is scrutinised

And every word placed under a fine tooth comb

They claim proudly in their tongue that their land is warm

But the frost developed over my heart knows it’s a lie

I often refuse to concern myself with their condescending advice

Because I know I am the only person who can change my life

I often feel left out and ganged up against 

But it’s the price you pay for being different 

The rivers, the birds and the way of people is foreign 

But only the sky and its stars remind me of home

I am homebound but no longer know what home is

I seem to be trying to reach a place that exists only in broken memories 

And sung in folk songs by old men with no families or shelter

I just follow the  moon like moths looking for light 

My footsteps proceed rapidly and I let go of all my attachments 

I am now a wanderer, looking for a place where I truly belong  

Come Back To Me

I lay awake in bed

Wondering if you’re taken 

Or if you’re  mine

I wonder if I’m still the same 

As you knew me

I hate you

But I don’t want to disappoint you

People say I’ve become better

A happier, more respectable man

I want you to see how much I have changed

Since you left

I reminisce the times we spent together 

I try hard to forget you

But all it takes is a movie

Or a song

And you’re right back on my mind

My smiles are meaningless and hollow

My emotions shallow

Every inch of me craving for you

I spent a whole lot of time 

Trying to get rid of you

Life with you was hell

My love for you was dangerous

It was like swallowing cyanide

With a smile on my face

But I’m addicted to you

To your presence 

There’s nothing but loneliness now

Stranded on a lonely road on a cold rainy night

Come back to me

My dear Melancholia…

Walk Through A Park

He stood on the pathway
And glanced as far as he could
Happy people, happy children
Playing in the wood
Dressed in a long coat
A hat and a scarf
His face was concealed
Leaving only his eyes
He looked at the children
Laughing, running, playing
Their laughs won’t last long
He saw adults
He saw poison in their smiles
Dirt in their thoughts
Human termites
He walked on
Every step bringing him closer
To the world that had discarded him
They had scarred him
And now they stared
Long stares
Not concealing their discomfort
They threw him out of their perfect world
And now looked him down
The loner, the recluse
They had scarred him
He saw two kids fighting
Their parents trying to stop it
No use
They’ll be fighting the rest of their lives
Against the very world they were born in
The world that will reject them
And then scar them
He didn’t remember much of his childhood
Except for hiding from people
Trying to conceal his ugly
They had scarred him
The park was to make him feel good
But it reminded him of misery
Of hollowness and hypocrisy
Of dark thoughts behind fake smiles
Of people who live happy…
Tears in his eyes
They scarred him
A girl stopped by
She saw his face
Her eyes bulged
‘How did you get those scars?’
He walked away

The Stranger

I was sitting in a room
Alone, and it was raining
The mood was melancholic
Sitting quietly in my bed
Feeling sick of being depressed
I looked up and saw a stranger
An old man, sitting on my bed
He was pale and ugly
And dressed in filthy rags
His face spoke of frustration
His eyes of cynicism 
His head was an abyss
Full of darkness and depression
Arsenic thoughts and cyanide emotions
The apocalypse was his fantasy
Humans he despised
He spoke only of misery
Anger, rejection and lies
As I stared at this abysmal creature
I felt disgusted yet attracted
He was sucking me into emptiness
He seemed strangely familiar
I felt dreary…

A moment of happiness
A lovely memory stopped by
Or a loved one’s call
And I was distracted
A smile broke across my face
I glanced back at the edge of my bed
The stranger was there no more
All I could see instead
Was my reflection…