Just R.I.P

‘Respect the dead!’

They say

It is a virtue much desired by many

They paint their suicide victims 

As some kind of angels or saviours

Why? Why respect the dead?

Why respect a pile of rotting meat?

It is not going to benefit anyone

Especially the carcass you pay respects to!

Let’s instead focus on what’s alive

Let’s not let the lives of those around rot

While we pay respects to dead meat

Out of some kind of a social obligation 

Don’t mourn someones death

Celebrate their life instead 

What’s the point of treating someone like shit 

And when they die offer them prayers?

What is the subtext of this?

Are you telling people that the only way to be respected

Is to die? Isn’t that pro-suicide?

Don’t let the lives of people go waste

Don’t ignore the cauldrons of talent, love and hope

Don’t let them go unheard…

P.S. This meme hits the nail on the topic as well! From a different angle though



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