Of Religion And Society

The sheep gathered in the feild
Grazing the grass as always
When a goat walked by
The lamb was curious
He had heard about the Goat
But never seen him
Where are you going Mr. Goat?
Asked the lamb
I’m off to the Garden of Eden
The Goat replied
The Garden is only a legend Mr. Goat
Said the Lamb desperately
The Goat cackled with laughter
The animals sing the praises of the place
It is a place of infinite pleasures
I shall find it and make it my home
But Mr. Goat what if you don’t find it?
I will, as I’m determined to
I have faith in my senses
And loads of experience
Unlike the others I have read a lot about Eden
Would you like to join me?
The Goat asked with a smile
Just when the Lamb was about to reply,
His parents came hurriedly
And whisked him away
They asked Mr. Goat to leave
Never again should you speak to him
Mama sheep said
But momma he’s going to the Garden of Eden
There is no such place
Momma snapped back
The Goat will be eaten by the Tiger in the woods
Eden can be reached by following the shepherd
He knows what is best for us
The Goat is evil
He thinks he can reach Eden without the shepherd
He is a fool
Assured his poppa
The lamb watched the Goat slowly walk away
He did not want to defy his parents
But he wanted to go to Eden as well…


20 thoughts on “Of Religion And Society

  1. I see blind faith both in the Goat and the Sheep. That is how I interpreted it. Society has a tendency to cling to Religion. The Sheep didn’t want the Lamb to follow the Goat because they trusted their shepherd. However, the lamb couldn’t choose to think for itself. It was either his parents or the goat.

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  2. Thank you for your comment πŸ˜€
    If my poem made you think even for a little while then I consider my job well done as a poet πŸ™‚
    Took me a long time to assemble all my ideas and write it in poetry, feels amazing to see people appreciating it!

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  3. I interpreted it in this way. The child wanted to follow an unknown path full of fantasies, it lured him, so did this stranger. But parents are always looking out for their children, they did not want him to leave the shelter of the places known. They wanted him to follow the usual practices of society. In the end, he did what he was meant to, not what he desired to do. I think now he regrets it, but when he will mature, he’ll regret it more. For then, he won’t have the liberty of being irrational. He will have to think about many things before taking any step!
    I loved your poem. I really like how it’s open to interpretation. It does not follow any particular story. Just the basic outline is there, you can guide it however you want to. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem! πŸ™‚

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  4. I understand that, my friend πŸ™‚ But I strongly feel that you should take us to the garden. Fictionalize it. Show us the garden. What happens when Mr. Goat arrives there? Eager to know if Mr. Sheep arrives there after all. I liked your poem and am greedy now to read more of your voice (in the garden). Sorry.

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