A Conversation With Myself

Nothing but a dancer in the dark

Shaking my limbs haphazardly 

To a beat that I no longer recognise 

I have become a failed entertainer 

Failed to get attention, or applause

‘But who’s approval did I seek?’

I don’t seem to understand myself

What I want or who

I just want to get away from all the darkness

That pulls me down constantly 

Am I dancing alone? I do hear noise

But I can’t see anyone in the darkness

I try calling out but nobody cares

Panic strikes, it does so often 

Everything seems to fall apart constantly

Broken and bruised,

I feel like a star collapsing into its own core

Losing its shine and its wonder

‘Am I even worth anyone?’

Thoughts just seem like bricks that hit me hard

‘Am I too self absorbed? Or just too self conscious?’

There has to be an end to everything, I think with a smile

I thought I had conquered my emotions

But like everything else

It too is a large accumulation of small defeats…


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