‘Nature is Satans Church’

The woman came to the therapist 

With severe depression 
She had anxieties that needed immediate cure
The man (therapist)-unemotional, wooden, cool, calming, rational
The woman-sentimental, fierce, insecure, chaotic, deep, insightful 
He was much amused by her 
She was disgusted by him
‘I interest you only because I’m your patient’
‘I mean nothing more to you’
This man tries to enter the forbidden forest, a jungle full of chaos and soaking in wilderness. He is devoid of experience or empathy and has only logic. However logic doesn’t work in the jungle where he sees a fox biting away its own flesh in an act of supreme self- destruction. They live off another, for birth there has to be death. The hairworm infects the grasshopper and makes it drown in water so that it can reproduce. that The fear of the unknown takes over.
He thinks he can help her
Tries to understand her insecurities 
Timid she looks
But the violence inside shocks him
The contradictions are overwhelming 
Even the most beautiful canopy in the forest is home to the most sinister animals. And parasites that can in turn suck them dry. The giant water bug that injects its venom in the lively frog, dissolving all its internal organs and leaving nothing but its skin lying in the pond is just a glimpse into nature. Nature has death and decay in perfect harmony with life, beauty and creation.
He realises he is not in control
Yet he makes futile attempts
Trying to make sense of nature
The laws of it shock him
He feels sorry for the deer 
That had hurt its foot
Now lunch for a predator twice its size
How do you develop an attachment
When what you love might be destroyed the very next moment
By an element of the same nature?
The dumb man likens it to suicide
He is faulty in himself and lives in a world far away from this one
Never once realising he is digging his own graveyard 
The therapist, having failed to make sense of her problem admits himself incapable. The woman, now devastated at having failed to find someone worth trusting collapses to her knees and weeps. Feeling sorry, he tries to calm her once again. She smashes his head with her handbag and calls him a cheat.


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