Hey Little Girl

Hey little girl
I see you everyday
Playing in the sandbox
The only girl in a pack of boys
They always fight
But you bring happiness
You’re silly
But you have nice things to say
And an eye for pretty flowers
Making houses of sand
Everyday you make them
Never a quitter
The next day you find them crumbled
You feel sorry for the angry boys
You try and calm them down
Today one of them pushed you
And you fell down…

I wonder how things will be
When you grow up
The world is big, bad place
They will judge you
For your clothes
For your smile
For your talk
For your spirit
Torn apart in a debate
In a society of mad men
Your body a matter of public discussion
I heard many a heartbroken
Call you selfish, mean and bitchy

Hey little girl
Don’t cry
The boys have left you in the sand
As I walk toward you
To pick you up
You stand up yourself
I realise you cry not because you fell
But because you’ve been betrayed
And your house of sand
It’s crumbled again…


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