The Victim

A man stood at the bridge
It was evening and the city was busy
Beneath him was a roaring traffic
He had finally found love
Breathing in the air
Enjoying the evening sun
Filled with joy
Awaiting the beginning of a new life
A hobo on the street below noticed him
And soon a group formed
People started gathering under the bridge
Just to see what the bustle was about
The man is about to commit suicide!
The number of onlookers increased
Soon the man noticed the group below
Pointing their cell phones at him
Ready to capture the shocking moment
The next viral video on the Internet
The next hot topic for teenagers
Man caught on camera jumping to his death
Media persons soon followed suit
And the traffic came to a halt
Everyone quite
Everyone looking up
Formulating stories about his past life
The crowd grew restless
Why won’t he jump?
Is he a coward?
The man watched them all with utter confusion
Jump! Said someone
Jump! They all said
The man stared back in disbelief
A procession of priests was passing by
Seeing the commotion
One of them grabbed the man
Slapped him, punched and kicked him
Can you not understand the value of your life you young rascal?!
Suicide is a sin!

It was in the papers next day
The priests had saved a man
Changed his life forever
They were the heroes
Please fund their institution
The man was put into rehab
A politician promised to look after him
His family was paid monetary compensation
And they made a suicide help organisation
To help people like the victim…


11 thoughts on “The Victim

  1. two-faced people…all of them. anything for the lime-light. never mind the man might have been reflecting on his life. or he might enjoy heights. jeez! humanity

    Liked by 1 person

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