Ray Of Hope

She finally reached her wedding venue
A couple of hours late
Their car had broken down
The guests had been waiting
She first saw her sister
Who gave her a look of utter disappointment
Her mother looked disgusted
And her father disinterested
But she didn’t mind
It was her wedding after all!
Gone were the days
When she was told that she’ll be kept in an asylum
She was going to be a wife now!
They gave her the ring
She fumbled and it fell
Three times
He smiled, she giggled

They were announced man and wife
Everyone made their speeches
But her mother was nowhere
Locked in her room
She was sulking
While her father flirted with young ladies
But still, he smiled

She said she needed a break
Went to her room
And feel asleep
Three hours later
He was at her door
The guests were impatient again
Some had left
But still, he smiled

Everyone assembled in the floor
While she stood in the balcony
Ready to throw a bouquet
But she never did
Just stood there smiling
Her sister snatched it from her
Threw it into the crowd
And gave her an angry look again
Do not create a scene
She had been clearly told
But she had failed
But still, he smiled

They went to the garden
Half the guests gone
Music was played and the dance began
Her parents began quarrelling
And soon turned into an ugly fight
The guests left
It runs in the family they said
He was smiling no more

Angry and sad, he left
But She danced
The music had stopped
But she kept dancing
To her own music
Her dress was in a mess
And the entire hall was empty
But she danced
Smiling and joyful as ever
Like a ray of hope
In a mad, mad world…


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